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11 White HAT SEO

11 White HAT SEO. By SEO Wanderer

White Hat SEO strategies are in line with the terms, and conditions of major search engines. It improves your ranking on search engines while maintaining the integral of your web page. Failure to coordinate with the White Hat SEO strategies can blacklist your website from Google.

The strategies of White Hat SEO are as followings:

  • Quality Content Quality:- Content is King. It is the best way to be rewarded by search engines, and how they rank your site or blog. Content is written for the readers. Quality content is the most crucial element of modern-day SEO.
  • Keywords And Attractive Titles:- Using rich keywords and titles for your web pages is mandatory. You should not overlook them, optimization is low hanging fruit for most sites.
  • Simple Navigation Of Website:- Navigation helps boost the organic search ranking of your website. It helps the visitors to find what you are looking for, this acts as a win for potential conversions.
  • Impound Links:- Authoritative inbound links have a tremendous impact on the ranking of SERPs. It takes time and dedication to attain attractive inbound links but it would increase the organic traffic on your website.
  • Focus On User Experience:- Website owner’s primary motive should be to provide a good User experience, this would result in better positioning of your website. Better User experience helps to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Giving Value To Your Audience:- Giving value to your audience is the optimum method by which you can perform best in the search. This can be done by-
  1. Producing actionable content and that has fresh ideas.
  2. Having a good mix of multimedia and not only written content.
  3. Having a website that is built well, performs well, and can be used across platforms.
  • Fast Loading Of Pages:- Fast loading of pages is a necessity from the standpoint of SEO. The speed of the site is a search engine ranking signal. The website that is low in responding to the request of the visitors is ranked low in SERP as the experience of visitors the would be jeopardized.

Bonus Tips

  • Help Google To Know What Your Content Is About:- To place right at SERPs Google should know what type of content your website contains. Google gets aware by including keywords in the body of the content for in URL, etc. Another way is by attaching links on your blogs or website.
  • Utilize Schema Markup:- Schema markup is a way of structuring the data on a website so that the Google search engine gets additional clues into what information is being presented.
  • Meta Tags:- Meta Tags are very important as they have an impact on the ranking of your page on search engines and it also helps to determine the number of people who have drawn to click on the link of your website. Higher would be the ranking of your page, the more people would find your content helpful. A good SEO strategy is incomplete without Meta Tags. It influences conversions, traffic, ranking, etc. Meta Tags are little pieces of information that help the search engine to know the type of information your website or blog contains.
  • Content Relevant Keywords:- Content is the heart of any article. Searching keywords for content is the most important SEO technique. The keywords can be long or short, but it must be relevant to your content. Ensure that you use these keywords in the title and subtitle. The blog should contain relevant content, you should stick to one primary word and 2 to 3 supporting keywords.

These are some of the techniques which can help the website owner to place their website on the top of Google’s search engine result page.

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