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5 Tips For Web Developers To Increase Website Speed

5 Tips For Web Developers To Increase Website Speed by SEO Wanderer

Website speed is the first expression of your business. Users experience affects the Search Engine paid, paid search, etc. Users would get frustrated when your website loads at snail’s pace. As it is said that the first impression is the last, so to top the search engine you need to work on your website’s speed. The tips for a web developer to increase website speed are as under:-

Here are the 5 tips to increase your website speed:

1. Minimize hypertext transfer protocol requests:

HTTP requests are counted whenever a browser fetches different parts of the pages like images, style sheets, script, and files from a web server. As per the research of Yahoo, 80% of a web page’s load time is spent downloading different parts of the pages. The browser also limits requests between 4 and 8 simultaneous connections per domain. The greater HTTP request, the longer it takes a web page to load. This problem can be curbed by-

Combining JavaScript or CSS files.

Reduce the number of images you use.

Load only specific scripts or images.

Eliminate unnecessary plugins.

These can help to improve the speed of the website.

2. Clean Up Your Database:

The peril with WordPress is that your database could get excessively lengthy and complicated. WordPress optimize is a fantastic plugin that regularly deletes all the unnecessary data, this in turn speeds up the time it takes for the browser to collect and return files from the database.

3. Minify And Combine Files:

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files are extremely important files to determine your site’s experience. They also add the number of requests your site makes every time a user visits it. This number can be reduced by minifying and combining your files. These help to reduce the size of each file and the total number of files. Minify can be done by removing unnecessary formatting, whitespace, codes, etc. Combining means if you run files on multiple JavaScript and CSS you can combine them into one.

4. Stop Using Images To Display Text:

 Text in an image becomes off the map to screen reader as well as bottles for Search Engine Optimization. Using images to display text increases the load time of the web pages as more images result in a heavier web page.

5. Increased Speed Using Content Delivery Network:

Web developers can improve the speed and performance of their website by using CDN. By using a content delivery network, links website contains an extended network of servers all across the world. This is important when a website caters to a global audience. The content delivery network allows the website visitors to load data from the nearest server, it also compresses files on your website for rapid delivery across the globe.

Greater speed of the website would enhance the user’s experience.

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