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Best 6 Implementable Ways to Increase Organic Traffic

Best 6 Implementable Ways to Increase Organic Traffic. By SEO Wanderer

Do you want more money? Do you want more audience? Then you need Organic Traffic. Organic Traffic is also known as “Free Traffic”. As it comes from a direct search on the search engine (Generally we all use Google).

 If your content is good well optimized then the search engine will rank it on the first page and fortunately, it will increase organic traffic on your website. And, this traffic increases your revenue without spending a single penny. 

But, the problem is that not everyone can rank on the first page. And, it also takes time to rank on #1 Google Search. So, make this process faster and get better results. I got a few steps for you that will work to bring Organic Traffic rapidly –  

1. Video Content:

People prefer to listen over reading. So, whenever you post some content on your website or blog try to make video content. The reasons are –

  • Videos are more engaging.
  • 80% of People in India prefer Video content over written content.

2. Get Active on Social Media:

In India, there are more than 500 Million people use Social Media and 80% of them are active daily. This figure is sufficient to tell that how effective a tool is social media to bring organic traffic to your website. 

You can read these articles to learn how to use trending social media platforms to succeed in bringing organic traffic –

3. The site must be Fast:

Slow and steady wins the race it was a famous proverb in the past. But in today’s world, the fast and the fastest wins the race. Fast sites are preferred by visitors over a lagging website. So, you must optimize your website properly so that it doesn’t lag and bring more organic traffic. 

Quick Tip – Upload compressed photos and videos. 

4. Long-Tail Keywords:

The words or phrases that are very specific towards your niche of work and least used by other websites or blogs are known as Long-tail Keywords. The benefit of this is that it only targets a specific audience and it.

5. Guest Blogging:

Guest blogging is a great method to increase your reach and organic traffic. In this method, you have to request a blogger with a good reach to write a guest blog for your website. And, after that, he provides a backlink to your website and which further leads the audience to your site and increases the Organic Traffic.

6. Highly-Influencing Headline:

Your headline should be so influenced that the reader found it so interesting that even unwillingly click on the link and read it. This is only possible when you have copywriting skills or you can hire someone to write an awesome headline that influences the reader.  

So, go on and apply all these effective methods to increase the organic traffic on your website.  

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