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How To Do Content Research

How To Do Content Research? By SEO Wanderer

Content is the key to grow brand visibility online. It’s not only pivotal to make you visible online but also to attract the right prospectus back to the company. The content of the company requires proper research and analysis. Without doing so it would become jester. Content research is a gold mine of information about the company. Proper content research is done in the following ways:-

1. Start with Google search:

Google is probably the first place where you would go to search for new content. It has existing data. Instead of trying to pluck entirely new data out of the sky, turn to resources that already exist. After going through such data, you would have a better understanding of the topic which would add Cherry to the cake while writing your blog.

2. Identify the type and format of content that your audience prefers:

An overview of the best performing content has to be pain down. The various types of format are-

  • Article 
  • How-to article 
  • What post
  • Why post 
  • Infographics

 3. Read articles about your niche:

Reading articles about the niche you write will help you gain a lot of knowledge. This will widen your view on the topic and introduce you to a different mindset. But don’t just copypaste the information or you will be caught plagiarizing

4. Government research and studies:

The article or blog containing popular government and organization research and study data are likely to reach a large number of audiences. So collect those data.

5. Using special tools:

You can use tools like answer the public that will help you in choosing the relevant subtopics that you might add in your article. You can even use Google trends to find out how much your topic in trend is.

 6. Evaluate the idea:

The foremost point that should be kept in mind while researching content is who are the prospective audience, the motive of writing the content and what point should it cover.

7. Identify evergreen content:

Evergreen content means the content which is shared by the majority and liked over time. By identifying such content and written a blog on it, would attract the masses.

8. Google Scholars:

Google Scholars contains deeply studied and research data and insight that can add extra weight to your content.

9. Jot down key points:

By noting down the key points you can shape your content.

10. Have patience:

You need to have patience who researching a topic for your content. You need to look at a lot of information to get the relevant data and eliminate the rest.

Good ideas start with a good brief.

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