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How To Find Out How Much Actual Traffic A Website Gets?

How To Find Out How Much Actual Traffic A Website Gets? By SEO Wanderer

The number of visitors on your website is equal to several opportunities. You need to focus on increasing the quality of traffic on your website, as not all traffic is good. Bad traffic could bog your business down at some level. This, it is important to determine actual traffic on your website.

10 tools to find your actual traffic on your website:

  1. Use traffic estimation tool:- Your website gets a good chunk of customers from search engines, social media, forums, etc. Traffic estimation tools calculate the aggregate traffic from all such sources on your website. SEMRush is one of the best tools for traffic estimation.
  2. Alexa ranking:- Alexa tracks statistics of everyone who has installed Alexa toolbar on their browser, it accounts for less than 1% internet. That is why it is not very accurate but would give a rough idea about the popularity of the audience you are getting from which country.
  3. Search Engine Rankings: Search engine ranking gives detail about your competitor’s organic and paid traffic. It helps to compare the ranking of your website to that of your competitors. It also compares the total number of people who visit your website and your competitors.
  4.  Check to advertise here pages:- One of the most accurate ways to find out how much traffic a website gets is to go through their advertisement pages. If a blog tries to sell advertising. They need to tell how many unique viewers they would get each month.
  5. Compete.com site analysis:- Complete.com site analysis is a paid site that allows website owners to monitor the number of different website metrics. It also includes the USA based traffic to competing websites.
  6. Quantcast Analytics:-Quantcast offers a field day to discover a website’s traffic. If you are interested in measuring the traffic on your website you can subscribe to their services. It also offers to make selected data public, which can act as an advantage to show potential advertisers that site metrics are verified unbiasedly by a trusted third- party.
  7. Woopra:- Woopra is a paid Service. They also offer a free trial, provide customized analytics for discovering how much regular audience your website has.
  8. Ahrefs:- On Ahrefs site, just enter the domain name or URL of your website, it analyses the organic and paid traffic of the website. This would help to analyze how much actual traffic your site has.

2 methods or tools to increase the traffic of your website:

YouTube views:- If a website has a YouTube page it would show view counts and likes. Further, it even displays the number of subscribers.

Comments on the blog:- Comment on a blog post is another method to gauge the popularity of your blog. The higher the comments the higher would be the audience on your website.

These powerful weapons can help website owners to measure the growth and expansion of their business by analyzing the traffic on their site. 

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