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Top 11 Best Digital Marketing Tools for Entrepreneurs in 2020!

Top 11 Best Digital Marketing Tools for Entrepreneurs in 2020! By SEO wanderer

The best digital marketing tools that entrepreneurs can use in 2020 are as follows:-

Sales Funnels

  • MailerLite – From Email Automation To Landing page builder

MalerLite is an Email Marketing Website. It is used for generating leads, driving traffic, and Email Automation. But, it is something more than that, with email automation it also covers the landing pages. And, it also provides the power of Affiliate Marketing which is generally not available on all Email Marketing Websites for Free.

  • Google Analytics

Analyze everything: the ads, the traffic, the age group of viewers, their location, and your marketing strategy is working well or not. And, all of that Free!

  • Google tag manager

While generating leads it becomes very complicated to manage various sites on which you’re promoting your business. Therefore, you must use Google tag manager to get rid of this problem; you just have to remember one piece of code and manage all the ad campaigns. It makes it easier for you to manage the advertising part of Business

  • Google optimize 

It is used for doing the split test on the content you upload on your website or blog analyze it how much content is useful, influential and SEO optimized to promote how much content can drive traffic on your website 


  • BuzzSumo 

It helps you decide what to write. According to your niche, type a keyword in the search box and it will come up with the articles that are trending with those keywords. And, if you will go with the trends, there’s much more probability of getting viral of that content.

  • Yoast

It is an SEO Plug-In that customizes the preview of your content on google. It shapes it up to make it catchy looking in the Preview.

  • UberSuggest

It is used for finding the best keywords you must use in your content. And, furthermore it also provides you extra tips.

  • SEOAnalyzer

It is used for Keyword Research throughout the site and it also tells what will work to improve your Google Ranking.

  • Grammarly

To get rid of any kind of Grammatical mistakes. You must use Grammarly, it’ll improve your impression on your potential clients.

Team and Product

It is a group of applications that you can use for Project Management and Team Management. Tools like Google Drive make it more comfortable to control and manage yours by applying less effort and investing less time but getting better results.

  • Google Forms

In Google Forms, you can create polls, quizzes, questions, and also provide feedback forms or forms to fill orders. For clients, It’ll become easy to fill up the forms and place their orders. And, it will become easy for you to manage the orders without missing any order due to being confused and stuck in too many emails.

These are some of the best digital marketing tools and websites you can use in 2020 for Digitally Marketing your business and all of that free! Even being free you can equal results to highly paid apps.

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